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I created TPNL because food is a huge source of anxiety before & during pregnancy for so many people. The information found online or at a doctor's visit is overwhelming, out-dated, and frankly, basic for the amount of research there is linking nutrition to optimal pregnancy outcomes. TPNL is an affordable, online community and database of information where those on a pregnancy journey will feel more confident than ever about their day to day food choices for two.

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The Prenatal Nutrition Library was created by Ryann Kipping, a Registered Dietitian specializing in Prena- tal Nutrition. She has helped thousands of women take the stress and worry that comes with food choices during pregnancy. Ryann created TPNL to use the most up to date nutrition science, to give you clear, real life answers to guide you through a healthy, feel-good pregnancy. The library is a self-led journey in which members will be given either monthly or yearly access as a member of the community. The library is a searchable database on everything prenatal nutrition with new topics added weekly. There’s hundreds of topics with science backed research and recommendations on how to properly nourish your body for pregnancy and give members the confidence when making food choices for two! Members can access the library on a desktop or mobile browser and there is an App in the Apple Store and Google Play store.

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You earn commission by having others sign up as a monthly or yearly member to TPNL. You receive up to 20% for each member that is active in the library. Payment is processed each monthly directly through PayPal.

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Recommend TPNL. Earn Commissions.